What's the Difference Between the Latest Crucial® SSDs?

At Crucial, we offer different SSD models to match your needs, ranging from cost-effective SSDs to our highest capacity cutting-edge version. To find out which SSD upgrade suits you best, the page below outlines the specification details and advanced features of each:

SSD comparison chart

When deciding on a SATA-based Crucial SSD model, it’s also important to note that the maximum performance from your Crucial SSD is dependent on installing the drive into a system with the latest SATA connection (SATA III 6Gb/s). This type of connection ensures you will see speeds of around 500MB/s when you run a benchmark speed test. You will generally have a SATA III connection in your system if it was manufactured in 2010 or after.

If your system has an older SATA II 3Gb/s connection (pre 2010) then you will see around half of the advertised speed – usually around 250MB/s. In this case, our SSDs would still be fully backwards compatible but you may wish to focus more on price rather than the SSD's maximum performance.

If we have information on which connection type your system has, we will list it on the left hand side of the the Crucial® Advisor™ Tool or System Scanner Tool results page, just to give you an idea on what speed to expect. Remember, all of our Crucial SSDs are capable of vastly improving the overall performance of your system versus a conventional hard drive.

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