Applicable sales tax forms

In order to comply with state sales and use tax laws, we are required to have proof of exemption on file. This documentation must be submitted, reviewed and entered prior to your order being shipped. For your convenience, we have provided acceptable forms and/or links for each state that provides online forms. Please select the correct form for your ship-to state and the reason for your exemption. If the form you need is not included on this page, consult your local tax authority to obtain the proper documentation.

How to submit a tax exemption form

  • Select the correct form for your ship-to state. The correct form is the one that best represents the reason for your tax exemption.
  • Fill out your form, and make sure to list Micron Consumer Products Group, a division of Micron Semiconductor Products, Inc. as the name of the seller. If you are limited to a certain number of characters on your form, please list Micron Consumer Products Group, a Division of MSP as the seller. Since Crucial is a brand of Micron Consumer Products Group, Crucial is not listed as the seller.
  • Sign your form.
  • Write your Web Order Request Number on the cover sheet of your fax.
  • Fax or email your form to Micron Consumer Products Group: Business/Government/Education (208)363-5560 or; VAR (208) 363-5633 or

Orders indicated as tax exempt, but that are not supported by required documentation, will experience delays in processing. In order to expedite your order, please provide tax-exempt documentation as soon as possible.

To read the files below, you will need a copy of Adobe® Acrobat Reader®. If you need a copy, download it here now.

Note: If you are shipping to multiple states use the Multi-Jurisdictional form or the Multi-Jurisdictional form (with state-specific drop-ship wording).

Alabama Alabama Resale Certificate
Alabama non-profit organizations: please fax in a copy of your state issued STE-1, Certificate of Exemption.
Arizona Arizona Resale Certificate 5000A
Arizona Tax Exemption Certificate 5000
Arizona Border States Certificate
California California Resale Certificate
California Border States Certificate
Colorado Colorado Exemption Certificate Multi-jurisdiction
Standard Colorado Affidavit of Exempt Sale
Connecticut Connecticut Resale Certificate.pdf
Connecticut Tax Exemption Cert-119
Connecticut Govt Exemption Cert-134
Connecticut non-profit organizations: please include your determination letter or exemption permit along with the Cert-119.
Florida Tangible personal property for resale by a nonresident dealer
Please fax a copy of your state issued "Consumer's Certificate of Exemption" if you are a non-profit entity or "Annual Resale Certificate" if this is a sale for resale.
Georgia Georgia Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption ST5
Georgia Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption ST5M
Georgia non-profit organizations: please fax in a copy of your state issued exemption determination letter.
Idaho Idaho Tax Exempt Certificate ST-101
Illinois Illinois Resale Certificate
Illinois tax-exempt organizations (non-resale): please fax a copy of your state issued letter of exemption.
Indiana Indiana Tax Exempt Certificate ST-105
Iowa Iowa Exemption Certificate
Kansas Kansas Streamlined Exemption Certificate
Kansas Resale Exemption Certificate ST-28A
Kansas Exemption Certificate Gov't
Kansas Exemption Booklet
Kentucky Kentucky Resale Certificate
Kentucky Purchase Exemption Certificate 51A126
Louisiana Louisiana Political Subdivision Exemption Certificate
Louisiana Political Federal Government Exemption Certificate
Louisiana Exemption Resale Certificate
Maryland Maryland Resale Certificate COT-ST103
Maryland tax-exempt institutions (non-resale): Please fax a copy of your Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate issued to you by the state of Maryland.
Massachusetts Massachusetts ST-4 Resale Certificate
Massachusetts Exempt Purchase Certificate ST-5
Massachusetts Exempt Use Certificate ST-12
Massachusetts tax-exempt organizations (non-resale): please include a copy of your ST-2 when sending in the ST-5.
Michigan Michigan Exemption Certificate
Minnesota Minnesota Exemption Certificate ST-3
Missouri Missouri Exemption Certificate 149
Missouri tax-exempt organizations (non-resale): please fax in a copy of your state issued letter of exemption.
Nebraska Nebraska Resale or Exemption Certificate Form 13
Nebraska Streamlined Exemption Certificate
Nevada Nevada Resale Certificate
Nevada tax-exempt organizations (non-resale): please fax in a copy of your state issued letter of exemption.
New Jersey New Jersey Resale Certificate for Non-New Jersey Vendor ST3-NR
New Jersey Resale Certificate ST-3
New Jersey Exempt Use Certificate ST-4
New Jersey Streamlined Exemption Certificate
New Jersey non profit organizations: please fax in a completed state issued ST-5 Exempt Organization Certificate.
New Mexico For New Mexico Retailers and Exempt Organizations, please fax in a copy of the appropriate Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate. More information on Nontaxable Transaction Certificates. Micron Consumer Products Group's CRS ID is 03-176915-00-2.



New Mexico Border States Certificate
New York New York Resale Certificate ST-120
New York Exempt Use Certificate ST-121
New York Exempt Organization Certificate ST-119.1
New York AC 946 for State Employees
New York Certificate Diplomatic Missions And Personnel DTF-950
North Carolina North Carolina E-595E, Resale Certificate
North Carolina Streamlined Exemption Certificate
Ohio Ohio Blanket Exemption Certificate
Oklahoma Oklahoma Resale Certificate
Oklahoma tax-exempt organizations (non-resale): Please fax a copy of the letter or card issued by the Oklahoma Tax Commission AND a signed statement stating that the purchase is authorized by, and being made by, the exempt entity, with funds of the exempt entity, and not by the individual.
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Exempt Organization REV-1715
Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate REV-1220
South Carolina South Carolina Exemption Certificate ST-8
South Carolina Resale Certificate ST-8A
South Dakota South Dakota Exemption Certificate
Tennessee Tennessee Blanket Resale Certificate
Tennessee Govt Exemption Certificate
Tennessee Streamlined Exemption Certificate
Tennessee non-profit organizations: please fax in a copy of your state issued Certificate of Exemption.
Texas Texas Resale Certificate
Texas Border States Certificate
Texas Exemption Certificate
TX Maquiladora Exemption Certificate
Texas Direct Payment Exemption Certificate
Utah Utah Exemption Certificate TC-721
Utah Exemption Certificate TC-721G
Utah Exemption Certificate TC-73
Vermont Vermont Resale Exemption Certificates
Virginia Virginia Resale Certificate ST-10
Virginia Certificate of Exemption ST-12
Virginia Church Certificate of Exemption ST-13A
Virginia non profit organizations: please fax in a copy of your state issued Certificate of Exemption.
Washington Washington Buyer's Retail Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
Washington Manufacturer's Exemption Certificate
Washington Retailers please send in a copy of your state-issued Reseller's Permit.
Wisconsin Wisconsin Exemption Certificate
Wyoming Wyoming Resale Exemption Certificate

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