Crucial products compatible with system warranty

Similar to how you can upgrade your system's preinstalled processor or graphics card and choose whichever brand you want, you can also do the same with your memory and storage drive. Under U.S. federal law, you can swap out your system's pre-installed components for more cost-effective third-party components and still retain your computer's original warranty, per section 102(c) of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 (15 United States Code section 2302(c)). In everyday terms, this means you can upgrade your system with Crucial memory and SSDs without voiding your warranty.

Don't just take our word for it: Here's what leading computer manufacturers have to say when it comes to your system's warranty.

Micron® Quality – A Higher Level of Reliability
As a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, Crucial products deliver a proven performance solution. From the original DDR technology to DDR4 and some of the world's most reliable SSDs, we've engineered the technologies that have powered the world's computers for more than 35 years, and we'll be around to offer our leading warranties. Don't settle for anything less.


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