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Dec. 2015, Jan. 2016 – LiveHelpNow Challenge

Best Customer Service

Crucial earned Exceptional status in back-to-back months for our customer service experience, ranking in the top 100 of a field of more than 10,000 companies! The LiveHelpNow Challenge monthly awards are based on a metric using an intelligent formula measuring 12 areas of criteria within four categories: Customer survey results, Resolution rates, Operator effectiveness, and Proactive service. Crucial and LiveHelpNow share a common commitment to providing friendly, knowledgeable, and all-around exceptional customer service, and we’re honored to receive this recognition!


Crucial SSD

Anadtech Recommended

April 2018 -

Crucial MX500 1TB SSD - Recommended Award

"The Crucial MX500 bucks the trend by setting several surprising performance records while offering competitive mainstream pricing." Read more

Tom's Hardware Editor's Choice Award

March 2018 - Tom's Hardware

Crucial MX500 SSD - Tom's Hardware Editor's Choice Award

"The MX500 1TB is the best overall value in the SATA SSD market. Crucial priced the drive aggressively … and we can't think of a better value even if we factor in NVMe SSDs. The other capacities also appear impressive … " Read more

Must Have Award

February 2018-

Crucial MX500 500GB SSD- Must Have Award

"There are some hallmarks of excellence that make something worth buying: performance, quality, and price. I’m not going to wax poetic here, the MX500 has all of these things. It is stable, less expensive, and out performs its price range. An NVMe is going to out perform any SATA, but at an exceptional cost. As any solid state drive is an improvement over an HDD, the MX500 is the best possible performance for the most reasonable price. In fact, when we look at recommendations for buying a new storage solution for a PC, Crucial gives us something new to think about." Read more

Editor's Choice Award

February 2018-

Crucial MX500 1TB SSD- Editor's Choice Award

"Crucial has knocked another one out of the park with its new MX500 SSD. This next generation drive combines Silicon Motion's SM2258 with Micron's new 64-layer 3D TLC NAND to deliver good performance, enhanced features and a high level of endurance at a competitive price." Read more

 Editor's Choice Award

January 2018-

Crucial MX500 500GB & 1TB SSD- Editor's Choice Award

"Aside from the MX500’s attractive price and performance, it also comes with a 5-year limited warranty, AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, integrated power loss immunity, adaptive thermal protection, data defense against data corruption, dynamic write acceleration, and you also get a free Acronis True Image HD software. The data protection, data encryption plus the 5-year warranty is what really attracts me; aside from the price and performance of course. You simply can’t go wrong with this SSD." Read more

FunkyKit Recommended Award

January 2018-

Crucial MX500 1TB SSD- Recommend Award

"The Verdict - Opinion. The Crucial MX500 1TB SSD delivers consistent performance and is a welcome improvement to the MX series. Thanks to Micron 2nd Generation 64-layer 3D triple-level cell (TLC) NAND, we're also seeing larger, more desirable capacity options at a value price point. Not to mention the return of a 5 year warranty!" Read more

Relaxed Tech Elite Award

January 2018-

Crucial MX500 500GB and 1TB SSD- Elite Relaxed Award

"Crucial has created a fantastic product with the MX500 SSDs. The MX500 series come loaded with features such as hardware encryption, dynamic write acceleration, and can also protect your data in case of a power outage. Price-wise, the MX500 SSDs are hard to beat and offer more performance per dollar compared against the Samsung 850 EVO SSDs. If you are using a traditional hard drive, definitely consider upgrading to an SSD like the MX500 because it will offer a massive upgrade in every aspect from read/write speeds to access times." Read more

Real Hardware Review - Innovation Award

January 2018-

Crucial MX500 500GB and 1TB SSD- Innovation Award

"This model proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Crucial is quickly learning how to refine their new 3D TLC NAND technology and fine-tune SMI controllers so as to take full advantage of its unique abilities. The end result is a new model that really doesn’t need MLC NAND to be faster than its predecessors. Instead it is faster simply because it is a better design with more powerful components." Read more

Real Hardware Reviews - Real Deal Award

January 2018-

Crucial MX500 500GB and 1TB SSD- Real Deal Award

"Even though buyers should not expect NVMe performance levels the MX500 does indeed set the new gold standard upon which all SATA based SSD’s need to be judged – and not just TLC drives. Put simply for the average consumer this drive acts more like a MLC NAND drive than a TLC based model – and yet costs well below what we would expect this performance to usually cost. In other words, consumers get great value and very good performance for their hard earned dollar. This combination is why we have zero problems with this drive." Read more

PC Perspective Gold Award

December 2017-

Crucial MX500 1TB SSD- PC Perspective Gold PC Award

"The MX500 offers excellent performance for the price, and it will likely become one of our more recommended SSDs in the coming months." Read more

The SSD Review -- Top Value -- MX500

December 2017-

Crucial MX500 1TB SSD- Top Value Award

"Crucial's MX series has been known for delivering solid performance at a budget price while checking off all the features boxes one can think of. This time around, it is no exception. There has been a big improvement in performance thanks to its new 64-layer 3D TLC NAND and SMI 2258 controller. Warranty is longer, and endurance is much higher. It has everything you could want and more. There is no reason to hesitate to get your own. Stop reading and go buy one now!" Read more Highly Recommended Award

November 2017-

Crucial BX300 480GB SSD - Highly Recommended Award

"After spending copious time with the Crucial BX300 480GB drive it’s not really a budget drive at its heart but it’s aimed at a budget minded market and that’s a very good thing. With its Micron 3D MLC NAND flash and Silicon Motion SM2258XT controller, the guts in the Crucial BX300 drive it toward the theoretical upper limits of the SATA6 controllers' capabilities. If you need good solid storage at a fair price with the durability of 3D MLC Micron NAND and Crucial quality then the Crucial BX300 480GB drive should be a no-brainer decision!" Read more

Hot Hardware Recommended Award

November 2017 –

Crucial BX300 SSD – Hot Hardware Recommended Award

"If you’re still stuck chugging along with a hard drive and are considering an upgrade to an affordable SATA SSD, we recommend giving the Crucial BX300 series a look." Read more

Relaxed Tech Elite Award

October 2017 –

Crucial BX300 240GB and 480GB SSD – Elite Relaxed Award

"Crucial has a winner on their hands with the BX300 SSDs. The 240GB and 480GB models we tested offer excellent performance and compare very well with the 850 EVO and 850 PRO. Price-wise, the BX300 SSDs are hard to beat and offer more performance per dollar compared against the Samsung SSDs. If you are using a traditional hard drive, definitely consider upgrading to an SSD like the BX300 because it will offer a massive upgrade in every aspect from read/write speeds to access times." Read more

Real Hardware Review - Innovation Award

August 2017 –

Crucial BX300 SSD – Real Hardware Review - Innovation Award

"The all new BX300 series by Crucial is a very interesting series one that in many ways blurs the line between entry level ‘BX’ and mainstream ‘MX’ model designations. So much so you can almost consider it a ‘BX Plus’ model rather than just the successor to the BX200 series." Read more

Real Hardware Reviews - Real Deal Award

August 2017 –

Crucial BX300 SSD – Real Hardware Reviews - Real Deal Award

"When you mix great NAND with a good controller and then only charge the same prices as the last generation the end result in one incredible value. Crucial really out did themselves here." Read more

Bjorn3d Seal of Approval

September 2016 –

Crucial MX300 750GB Limited Edition – Bjorn3d Seal of Approval

"Using the MX300 as a primary OS drive supplementing, or even as a secondary drive used for storage is going to improve performance immensely when compared to a standard hard drive." Read more

Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award

August 2016 –

Crucial MX300 750GB Limited Edition – Pureoverclock Editor's Choice Award

"I really like how CRUCIAL has priced this drive and I think it’s an excellent choice for any prospective buyer." Read more


August 2016 –

Crucial MX300 525GB SSD – Funkykit Value Award

"If you are looking for an HDD or older SSD replacement then Crucial MX300 seems like a perfect option. It’s fast, durable, based on high quality components and is also inexpensive." Read more Best Buy Award

August 2016 –

Crucial MX300 1TB SSD – Best Buy Award

"Like Crucial's previous MX series SSDs, the MX300 is an great choice for anyone looking to improve the performance of their existing desktop or notebook computer." Read more

Big Bruin Value/Highly Recommended awards

July 2016 – Big Bruin

Crucial MX300 750GB Limited Edition – Big Bruin Value/Highly Recommended awards

"The Crucial MX300 750GB solid state drive is a very impressive unit in terms of performance and the sweet spot it seems to have found in terms of price and capacity. The read and write speeds may not be the fastest possible, but 530MB/s and 510 MB/s, respectively, are definitely very respectable.The Crucial MX300 750GB solid state drive earns the "good Value" and "Highly Recommended" awards." Read more

Tech Report Award

June 2016 – Tech Report

Crucial MX300 750GB Limited Edition SSD – Tech Report Recommended

"Micron took a bold step by debuting its 3D NAND in a TLC drive poised to replace a well-loved MLC predecessor. Unlike the last time we tested the fruits of such a move, the switch to 3D NAND in the MX300 was well-executed, as we're happy to call the MX300 a worthy successor to the MX200." Read more

PC Perspective Awards

June 2016 – PC Perspective

Crucial MX300 750GB Limited Edition SSD – Editor's Choice Award

"For a budget SSD priced below $200, the 750GB Crucial MX300 delivers plenty of performance for the money. It represents a great showing of the first IMFT 3D NAND, coming in at a fraction of the cost/GB when compared with alternate 3D NAND solutions. The new and improved Dynamic Write Acceleration continues to sustain impressive performance even under more rigorous workloads, and the quad-core Marvell controller keeps overall performance at acceptable levels." Read more


Ballistix Memory

Ballistix Elite DDR4 Highly Recommended Award

March 2018 - Pro Clockers

Ballistix Elite DDR4 - Highly Recommended Award

"Out of the box, XMP settings are solid, giving it well but not class-leading performance. Overclocking it, on the other hand, has notable improvements. Just the small jump from 3466Mhz to 3600Mhz without touching any other settings places it in 1 st place across the board in our testing... Great job Ballistix!" Read more

Benchmark Reviews

January 2018-FunkyKit

Ballistix Sport LT DDR4- Editors Choice Award

"Even though Ballistix Sport LT doesn’t look like top overclocking memory, it has really high overclocking potential and offers high performance even at default settings. There were no issues at all with compatibility or stability of whole platform in nearly three weeks of various tests. Since it’s SODIMM memory then to make the best of it, is required high-end laptop or special motherboard which will support this type of memory." Read more

Benchmark Reviews

July 2016 – Benchmark Reviews

Ballistix Elite DDR4-2666

"At the current price I would not hesitate to buy the Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4-2666MHz kit if I was in the market for some new memory. Crucials Ballistix Elite series has a variety of speeds from 2666MHz to 3200MHz if 2666MHz is just too slow for you." Read more

PC Enthusiast Editor's Choice Award

June 2016 – PC Enthusiast

Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 – PC Enthusiast Editor's Choice Award

"Finally, the Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 series is a good solid performing memory kit, very stable and easy to use. It doesn’t promise ultra-fast speeds, but its performance is definitely fast and very much acceptable on a day-to-day computing or gaming use. If you are planning to build or has a black and red themed PC (and doesn’t want/need any LEDs on the mems sticks) the Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 should be on your short list." Read more

FunkyKit Value Award

May 2015 – FunkyKit

Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 – Value Award

"Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB DDR4-2400 CL16 memory kit is great option for all who wish to move to the latest Intel X99 platform without spending too much money. Ballistix Sport LT is inexpensive but it's high quality product and also provides high performance. If it's not enough then we can add high overclocking potential and great Crucial support which offers lifetime warranty." Read more

TweakTown Best Value Award

May 2015 – TweakTown

Ballistix Sport DDR4 – Best Value Award

"For most users out there, you are looking for a good mix of value and aesthetics as the main reasons to purchase any kit these days. Crucial seems to have hit the nail on the head when it comes to this…What Crucial has done here is delivered on everything that their specifications and marketing put forward. This is a kit for the masses for two very key reasons. The first we addressed, where the kit will look terrific in any system as it does in the image above of our system. The second part of the kit that is handy is that there were no issues along the way with this kit. Whether booting to 2133MHz by default, or opting for the XMP profile, this kit simply springs to life and boots right to desktop and is ready to take on whatever it is you want to dish to it. Of course, having the ability to run a tad faster is a plus, but timings with this kit were definitely the key to extracting every bit of love we could get from the Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 in testing." Read more

PureOverclock Editor’s Choice Award

April 2015 – PureOverclock

Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 – Editor’s Choice Award

"The Ballistix Sport LT kit should stand out for its overclocking head room, stock performance, unique heat spreader design and a color outside of the same hum drum blue and red. At the end of the day we are very impressed with the Sport LT kit, which is one of the best DDR4 products we have tested in looks and overall bench performance. We gladly give the Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2400MHz 16GB kit our PureOverclock Editor’s Choice Award." Read more

Pro Clockers Best Value Award

March 2015 – Pro Clockers

Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 – Best Value Award

"The performance of the Crucial Ballistix Sport LT is about average at the stock clock and timings. Adding an additional .15v did allow for the timings to be tightened, even with the clocked raised to 2666MHz. This created a nice performance bump that rivaled some of the higher speed kits we have tested. Interestingly, overclocking the Crucial Ballistix Sport LT was almost identical to overclocking the Crucial Ballistix Elite we reviewed a short time ago." Read more

Funkykit Editor’s Choice Award

March 2015 – FunkyKit

Ballistix Elite DDR4 – Editor’s Choice Award

"Crucial Ballistix Elite 16GB DDR4-2666 has all what perfect enthusiast and overclocking memory kit needs. It performs well, looks great and has high overclocking potential. Additionally Crucial is offering best available support and additional features. Since all that is available in really reasonable price then I can recommend Crucial Ballistix Elite memory without any hesitation and I believe that all who decide to buy this memory will be also satisfied." Read more

TweakTown Best Performance Award

March 2015 – TweakTown

Ballistix Elite DDR4 – Best Performance Award

"So, let's consider what is good about this design. The black PCBs make nice looking heat spreaders without taking the design too far, the SPD profile is 2400MHz not 2133, the performance out of the box is definitely better than our baseline kit, and we were able to take these sticks to much higher speeds with lower timings. These are just some of the benefits found in the Ballistix Elite DDR4-2666MHZ 16GB kit. On top of that, you could even take these sticks that clock nicely, and remove the top of them to clear a large CPU air cooler, which is something we think all taller kits should offer… Overall, even with higher initial cost, the overall performance of this kit with XMP used is a nice jump from the 2133MHz kit, which is easy to see across all of our testing. Capacity is fine as well, but the looks and potential of the Ballistix Elite DDR4-2666Mhz 16GB kits are really going to bring the boys to the yard with this kit. A hundred dollars more than our last sample or not - we would much rather spend the cash to have this kit in our daily driver over plain green PCBs any day of the week." Read more



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