A new frontier for Crucial SSDs

2018 - The Crucial® P1 SSD, the first Crucial NVMe™ PCIe® drive, reached sequential read speeds of 2,000 MB/s. That’s 20 times faster than the very first Crucial SSD!

MX500 raises the bar on quality

2017 - With capacities up to 2TB, sequential reads up to 560 MB/s, and availability in the M.2 form factor, the Crucial® MX500 SSD garnered acclaim with a blend of quality, speed, and reliability.

Crucial turns 20

2016 - For an idea that started in a small Micron office in Boise, Idaho, 20 years of business helping people make their computers faster is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

SSDs zero in on hard drive prices

2015 - An SSD can actually be affordable! A vertical integration with Micron allows Crucial to provide affordable upgrades without sacrificing quality, as the Crucial® BX200 SSD showed.

Becoming a global brand

2014 - Crucial websites debut for more audiences around the globe – first with China, then Italy, Germany, and Japan.

World, meet ddr4

2013 - Crucial introduced some of the industry’s first DDR4 memory technology, which eclipsed the speed of DDR3 while using less voltage.

Same speed, new SSD form factor

2012 - The mSATA Crucial® m4 SSD fit all of the award-winning performance and reliability of the Crucial m4 SSD into a drive that’s an eighth of the size of a 2.5-inch SSD.

Developing a legacy

2011 - The Crucial® m4 SSD established Crucial as an SSD brand with multiple examples of storage success, reaching sequential reads up to 415 MB/s and capacities up to 512GB.

C300 makes SSD history

2010 - The Crucial® C300 SSD broke new ground as the first SATA III interface SSD, with a 6Gb/s throughput that enabled faster speeds than SATA II and sequential reads up to 355 MB/s.

Bonjour, Crucial.fr!

2009 - We launched our French website, Crucial.fr, sharing our passion for making computers faster with a brand new country.

Crucial 64GB M225 SSD

Our very first SSD

2008 - The Crucial® SSD – a short and sweet name – debuted in capacities up to 64GB and with sequential reads up to 100 MB/s.

DDR3 memory arrives


Mac® systems added to System Scanner


System Scanner makes compatibility easy for PCs


Ballistix and DDR2 are launched

2004 - Our passion for gaming led us to dedicate a new line of memory to faster speeds and new heat spreader looks – just in time for DDR2 memory technology.

On the go with Crucial® Gizmo! USB drives

2003 - Our Gizmo! USB drives began a foray into making storage faster and more convenient, which later led to Crucial SSDs.

Focused on graphics cards

2002 - The quest to removing hardware bottlenecks, wherever they may occur, once took us into video cards.

Computer Shopper readers vote us best place to buy memory

2001 - The love of helping upgrade to faster computer performance, and we're incredibly grateful for our community of customers!

We're the first to sell DDR memory straight to the people

2000 - As DDR technology came out, Crucial was the first to make it available to eager upgraders for their own systems.

We expand internationally with facilities in Scotland and Singapore


The Memory Selector (now the Memory Advisor) debuts, taking confusion out of compatibility


Secure online ordering for customers on our “Internet web site”


Micron announces the creation of Crucial Technology

1996 - In September, Crucial was founded on the belief that everyday consumers can, and should, have the ability to improve their computers through do-it-yourself memory upgrades. Greeted enthusiastically, Crucial provided the first-ever opportunity for end users to buy memory direct from a major manufacturer.

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